How to Clean Dog’s Poop Out of the Carpet

Aug 03,2021

Most dog owners have faced the situation when their puppy has relieved itself on the floor. We all know that these kinds of situations can not be avoided, as pups have not built any habits yet, have not been socialized and potty-trained. We all love our new family members unconditionally and try to be patient. Consistency in the training process is another important factor that we need to pay attention to if we want to turn our puppy into a well-behaved and socialized adult dog.

During the training process, unpleasant situations may occur in your home, and you may need to clean up a lot of mess- your furniture or clothes may get chewed, any fragile items left unsupervised may be broken. One of the biggest nightmares for many puppy owners is to find out that their pup has relieved itself on the carpet. You are likely to experience many negative emotions when you notice that your carpet is in such a poor condition. However, you just need to pull yourself together and avoid yelling at your canine, as it just needs some time to acquire all the necessary skills. Meanwhile, you can not do anything but just clean up the mess.

In this article, we would like to give you some advice on how to remove your dog’s poop from the carpet effectively, so that it will look perfectly clean again.

Steps You Need to Follow to Clean Your Carpet Effectively


First, let’s list all the supplies you will need to clean the carpet effectively:

Protective gloves, water, dish soap, baby wipes, paper towel or a microfiber piece of cloth, baking soda, white vinegar

Keep in mind that the sooner you clean the poop out of the carpet the better chances you have to bring it to its original condition. Hence, do not let the poop be on the carpet for too long, as you may be unable to remove the stain later. 

Put your gloves on and have a lot of patience! We would recommend that you always wear gloves, as you need to protect yourself and prevent your skin from any contact with the excrement. 

Then you need to clean the poop out of the carpet using a baby wipe or a paper towel (it is recommended that you use a thick towel). A part of the excrement is likely to remain on the carpet, and you will need to scrape it off using another piece of slightly moisturized paper towel or baby wipe. Try to remove as much as possible excrement from the carpet’s fibers. 

Magic Solution

Now we reach the next step where you need to prepare the “magic” solution that will clean up the surface of the carpet. You need to prepare:

- cool water- 2 cups;

- tablespoon non-bleach dish soap1 pc.;

- tablespoon white vinegar- 1pc.;

It is really important that the dish soap that you will use does not contain any bleach, as when mixed with vinegar, it will lead to a release of toxic chlorine gas. 

Moreover, always make a test with a small amount of the cleaning liquid applied to an unnoticeable part of the carpet, before you apply a larger amount to its surface. Otherwise, you take the risk of damaging the carpet irreversible

Take a look at the fiber dye and changes like fading, that may occur, after you apply the fluid.

Once you have prepared all the necessary ingredients of the solution, you need to put a little amount of it over the stain (you can pour it or spray it). You need to wait 10-15 minutes for the solution to be absorbed and start having an effect. After 10-15 minutes you should dry the wet surface using an absorbent material. 

Please remember to not rub, just blot.

You need to be patient, as the stain may not come off at the first attempt, and you may need to try several times. 

When you notice that the stain is already removed, you need to pour cold water over the surface and wipe out the remaining solution with a paper towel or a piece of cloth. 

If there is still an unpleasant odor that you can smell, you can spray baking soda over the area and leave it for 10 minutes or for one night, depending on the smell’s intensity. 

When you notice that the smell has been absorbed by the baking soda, you can clean the soda up.

What you Need to Remember

Please remember to not mix cleaning products that contain bleach, as this could be dangerous due to the toxic gases, that will be released.

Always read the label of all cleaning supplies that you intend to use. You need to ensure that they are safe to use on your carpet and will not cause any damages.

As already mentioned above, we would recommend that you gently soak up the solution instead of rubbing it. Otherwise, parts of the excrement can soak in the carpet’s fibers, and you may be unable to remove as well as the odor.