What is the difference between SDTSI's owner-self service dog training course and those of other training companies?

SDTSI is focusing on service dog training only. All of our trainers are certified service dog or working dog trainers. Our program offers detailed instruction, evaluation, and guidance on all aspects of the process required to train and certify your own dog to become a qualified service dog with legal documentation.

Be cautious of online service dog training companies that are mainly selling doctor letters or service dog registrations service and use misleading messages.

Why choose an SDTSI’s service dog training program?

1. Founded by professional service dog trainers

We are the first service dog training school that provides certified online service dog training programs. We have been helping people with disabilities to train their own dog to become a qualified service animal and working dog since 2015. All of our trainers have passed the Canine Behaviour & Training Technician (CBTT) program. They are either certified trainers by the American Kennel Club or certified assistance dog trainers by Canine Behaviour College UK.

2. Service dog evaluation and certification with training records

We are not only a dog training school but an accredited service dog training school! We will help you train your dog to assist you in your daily life and will conduct an evaluation to make sure that they have acquired the needed skills as a service dog. Detailed records of your dog’s progress and Public Access Test are included in our service dog training programs. A certificate for a trained service dog will be issued upon successful course completion with all the tasks your dog has been trained to perform. The structure of our programs will not only ensure that your dog has been properly trained, but also that all the documentation accompanying the training is available, if you need it! This will help you prove the legitimacy of your dog as a service animal, especially if you intend to fly with them in the passenger cabin.

3. Recognition by domestic and international airlines

Our trained service dog certificates are accepted not only by US-based airlines, such as United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Allegiant, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue, but also by non-US airlines for direct flights from/to the US. European airlines, like British Airways, KLM, and LOT are considered pet-friendly and tolerant of self-trained service dogs. We can attest that our certified service dog teams have been accepted on international flights operated by these airlines for certain routes. Please remember to talk to the airline’s representatives in advance (no later than 48 hours prior to departure) and make sure that you have submitted all the required documentation.

4. Knowledge of disability laws and regulations

Our trainers are familiar with the laws protecting individuals with disabilities and their service (assistance) animals, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Equality Act 2010. This knowledge is essential to ensure that the trained service dogs meet the legal requirements for public access. We will also assist you with all matters related to the use of certification and other types of documentation, that you may be required to show while accompanied by your service animal.

5. 24/7 Helpdesk & assistance with filling out paperwork

We provide our students with a 24/7 help desk and assistance with filling out paperwork (such as a DOT form, a "service dog in training" letter, a veterinarian letter, an attorney letter, etc.). Furthermore, we understand that you may encounter challenges in having your service dog accompany you on airplanes or other public places. In order to ensure that you and your service dog will have a pleasant experience in public, our team members will always be by your side to help if you need them!

6. Greater variety of service dog training courses

We offer a wide range of intensive service dog training courses, including service dog training programs for puppies and advanced alert dog training courses. Our programs are flexible, tailor-made, and easy to follow, so you are able to choose the one that suits your needs and your dog’s personality the best. We also provide specialized training courses designed to help people with specific disabilities, such as PTSD, depression, mobility impairments, diabetes, cardiac issues, and more.

7.  Continued support & guidance

Even after you and your dog have completed our certified online training program, we will still be there for you! We will continue providing support and guidance any time you need it!

Our valuable partners:

Psychiatric Service Dog Association
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