Our Mission

We are an international service dog training school, a coalition of professional guide and service dog trainers dedicated to the education, development and support of service dog and therapy dog online trainings worldwide. At SDTSI, we provide the most effective training techniques to simplify the service dog training process. We are focused on helping people with mental and physical disabilities to train their own pet dog to become a fully qualified service dog. We also provide registry of certified service and therapy dogs. We provide testing, certification, registration, and support for service dog and therapy dog owners worldwide. By 2020, the SDTSI has trained more than 2000 service dogs worldwide to assist with most mental and physical disabilities.

Our Training Methods

We have unique service dog training techniques. We introduce and teach the simplest methods of training a service dog. What took our professional guide and service dog trainers 20 years combined to learn is available to you in SDTSI’s service dog online training portal, so you can train your own dog to become a service dog or therapy dog within a very short time. Our courses allow you to work at your own pace. Students can complete the courses in a as little as three days or take as long as 12 weeks to complete their study and training. All methods in our training sessions are animal friendly, very simple to follow, and effective. After the completion of each course, SDTSI will certify your dog with all training records.

Where We Work

SDTSI teams are located in Dublin, Hannover, Plovdiv and Hong Kong. However, our service is NOT limited to the locality. What SDTSI provides is an online service dog training portal where people can access the courses and easily train their own dog to become a fully accredited service dog or therapy dog in order to better meet their own or others needs without time and place limits.

Our Fee

All SDTSI’s training courses are very affordable. The SDTSI online portal is the first service dog online training portal worldwide. Our course fees range from $199 to $599 and include study materials, study files and training kit, full tutor and admin support, service dog registration and certification fees.