Train Your Own Dog

The SDTSI Owner/Self-Training Service Dog Program is designed to teach you to train your own dogs to be your assistant in your daily life. Training sessions take place at our facilities or through our online platform. Once you enrol in the course, you will receive a student login link to access our Learning Centre. The training sessions are numbered and provide course documentation, pictures as well as videos. This SDTSI training platform has been specifically designed to give you and your dog engaging, customised and responsive training content. You should go through the provided training session carefully and then move to the assignment. The aim of the assignment is to check if you and your dog have attained the necessary knowledge, skills and training properly. Once you submit your assignment a trainer will go through the test and grade it. We will provide you with a certification of completion (a trained service dog certificate with all the tasks your dog has been trained for) after you pass all assignments and tests. This certificate will attest that you and your dog are a service dog team as defined by the ADA. Since we abide by the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) guidelines, if your dog doesn’t already have an obedience background, you will need to work with your individual SDTSI trainer on task work for a minimum of 120 hours, or 6 months, before we are able to issue you with a certificate. For distance training programs, we will require you to send photos or videos depending on the task work.

Our Certified online Owner Self-Training Service Dog Programs

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