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About Us

We are focused on helping people with physical and mental disabilities to train their own dog to become a qualified service dog to assist in their daily life.

With a team of highly qualified and certified trainers, SDTSI’s compassionate training approach facilitates the deepest possible bond between our clients and their dogs. We use force free training methods only. We are dedicated to helping dog owners with mental and/or physical disability train their pets to become service dogs (.a.k.a. assistance dogs). Our school offers quality guidance, tips, and training advice from professional trainers. SDTSI adheres to a high-quality standard to ensure the safety and comfort of the service dog team as well as the public. We provide education as to the legal and public responsibilities for service dog handlers, and maintain a healthy community of service dog owners and users as well as annual checkups on graduated service dogs.

At the same time, we provide our unique training techniques to simplify the service dog training process, and set our client and their dog up for success throughout their learning process. Service dog training requires patience and consistency, it should take at least 6 month/120 hrs, we ask owners remain both patience and consistency throughout their training classes and afterwards. By using positive reinforcement your dog will love training and learning. Your dog will look forward to training sessions. On completion you will receive a “human” service dog, not a robot.

SDTSI teams are located in Hong Kong, Ireland, Germany and Bulgaria. Our service is not limited to the locality. In 2019 we built a service dog distance training portal where our clients can access the courses online and easily train their own dogs with the help from our individual trainers in order to better meet their needs without time and place limits. We’ve also supported people on social assistance suffering from PTSD. They are denied assistance by non-profit service dog training organisations who only support veterans and help them train their dogs to become a service dog. 10% of our income goes directly to fund the work of the Psychiatric Service Dog Association in helping people with mental illness and sick, injured & cruelly treated animals.

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USA Support Animal LLC

ServiceDog Training School International
9H Maxgrand plaza, No.3 Tai Yau Street, Kowloon Hong Kong

Psychiatric Assistance Dog Association
25 Upper Cranford Centre, Montrose, Dublin, Ireland

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