Private 1-to-1 Training & Coaching

Our private service dog training sessions are designed for handlers who want to learn how to train their own dog to become a service dog with their particular disability - at their own speed - together with one of our certified trainers. Before we start the private sessions, we will have a preliminary assessment to evaluate if your dog has the potential to preform the required tasks. You can choose to have the private session with one of our trainers either in person at our facelifts

How long does it take?

Based on the industry guidelines (IAADP), training any Service Dog takes on average from 6 months to a year depending on how fast your dog can learn, and how much time you have to work with your dog. Overall you should expect to spend 120 hours of training and 30 hours or working out in public places to complete the entire program.

For Psychiatric Service Dog, the training time can be shorter. The foundation Psychiatric Service Dog tasks can be taught within 10 weeks time. Depends on how quickly your dog takes to the training and whether there are certain behaviour problems that need to be addressed before the training.

Single Coaching Session 

If you need a session or two to address certain specific behaviors, booking single coaching sessions may be the way to go. You can schedule the sessions either at our facility or online.

Each session costs $75, the duration is 45mins.

Individual Coaching Packages

You might need specialized coaching and would like to book several sessions at a time for a reduced cost.

Each session is an hour either at our facility or online.

Package of 3 sessions: $200.00
Package of 6 sessions: $380.00
Package of 10 sessions: $650.00