Nov 02,2022

Stanley is an almost two-year-old, mix of Husky, Pit, and Border Collie. About a year ago Stanley was roaming the streets of Houston Texas when he was captured by the Houston Animal Control (dog pound). Shortly before he was scheduled to be euthanized a local dog rescue shelter took him away from the pound and saved his life. Then he was placed in a foster home in Texas where my daughter found him online, and we adopted him.

When Stan first arrived he seemed very loyal and grateful. But he was different from any other dog I had ever had. He didn’t cuddle or kiss or wrestle. He sat at a distance and just stared at me. Not anyone else in the family. He often follows me from room to room or at least shows up there after I have been gone from his location for a while. In the beginning, if I sneezed out loud we would jump up and run to me, get within 6 inches of my face and just stare at me with a look of concern. This training course has created such a strong bond between us. He travels with me to my classes when I teach, goes shopping with me, and we go for runs on the beach (his favorite thing in the world to do).

Stanley and I will never stop training together. It is a special bonding time that we would both miss.

Graduation marks a new chapter in Stanley’s life, which started as a mutt on death row and ended with an opportunity to help those who rescue him.