Emi Parente, Alice & Albert

Nov 15,2022

We believe in communication in the silent language of feeling!

We have started this movement with a Bilingual international school here in Rio de Janeiro. We are the first ones!

Alice was a very well-planned puppy, with almost 5 years of dedication and partnership with the King Border Kennel, an international reference in the creation of Border Collie dogs. We have been working with her on her training since she was 2 months old. Alice has been trained to become a reference service and emotional support dog in Brazil. She is also an assisted therapy animal who works with children with Autism, attention deficit, anxiety crisis, and other psychological illnesses. 

Our goal is to go to some public places, that are short of money to help kids, and we will do it for free, non-profit.

I am feeling completely positive and self-empowered to be a certified Therapy Animal handler. With all the course information, quizzes, practice, and examples I feel more than ready to go on into the field to help kids with my dogs.

This has been my dream for the past 5 years, and for as much as I've had experiences with ethology, handling and managing animals throughout all my life, this course had the bond I needed to make it possible to happen.

In Brazil, there is nothing like this to help us get a certificate, so this is a changing life opportunity for me and all the kids we are impacting from this day on.

The course is simple, clear, and objective. It explained many basic aspects of Assisted Therapy that I did not know that is very important to know about. I am positively sure that from this day on we- Alice and Albert and I, will make a difference in this world.

Thank you so much to the Service Dog Training School International team, for this wonderful experience and accomplishment!

You were all amazing.

Lots of warm licks and love from Brazil.

Emi Parente, Alice & Albert