Melo and Lauren

Mar 20,2024

My life has greatly changed for the better being able to include my dog in every aspect of my life and know he can always be by my side and ready to take care of me if the situation arises. This confidence is truly life-changing. I have an “invisible illness” and look healthy to most people and my service dog is a Chinese Shar-Pei, not your average service dog. I’m able to have the confidence that accompanies our training and bond to stand up for my rights and especially remind people my dog is working.

Although he might be the cutest dog you’ve ever seen, and I appreciate your interest in him and many compliments, "No, you may not pet and distract him!" because he is a breed that is easily distracted and protective. I need him to stay focused on me.

No need for me to feel guilty because I’m not blind or in a wheelchair and he’s not a Lab or Golden!