Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Jun 14,2023

Dogs are omnivores — that means they can eat meat and plant products and remain healthy throughout their life. We want to stress that a balanced diet that is suited to the dog’s physical health is very important. It should not be a surprise when you see your pet dog munching on grass in your backyard or the local park. Admittedly grass is not a staple food in any dog diet but it is a way for dogs to add fiber to their meals. Some domesticated canines will eat grass when they lack some nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in their daily food servings. Eating grass can help a dog restore the balance in their gut bacteria and have a smooth bowel movement as this research indicates.

Is Eating Grass Dangerous For My Dog?

Short answer — No. Long answer — eating grass coupled with lethargic behavior, lack of appetite, diarrhea, or constipation can indicate an inflammatory bowel disease or something more troubling. If you notice that your dog is eating a log of grass and appears to lack energy please take your dog to a veterinarian and do a full physical check. As long as the grass your pooch is eating is not treated with pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer there should be no problems.

My Dog Eats Grass And Is Vomiting Now – What To Do?

If your dog has eaten some grass and he/she is vomiting that is perfectly normal and you should not be alarmed. Eating a bit of grass and then vomiting is a way for the dog to clean their stomach. However, if your dog is trimming your lawn in earnest and vomiting that is a bad sign and your pet should be brought to a vet as soon as possible. As mentioned above, please try to determine if the grass has been sprayed with anything before letting your canine wander off unsupervised.

Your Dog May Be Bored

If your furry friend is grazing on grass but appears in good mood and has a good appetite then he/she may be just bored. You can address that by going for longer walks, you can take different routes throughout the week and play longer at home. Separation anxiety can be another cause for your pooch too much on the grass while you are away. Some training to make your dog accustomed to staying alone will help to keep your potted plants safer until you return home.

Final Words

While dogs are very different from herbivores like cows and goats that does not mean they can not process grass (to a degree). The digestive system of our modern canines is adapted to process plant-based products although you should not feed your dog exclusively vegetation. A balanced diet is the best way to keep your pet healthy, and in good mood and make sure they share in your happiness for many years to come. Please note that some household plants are toxic for canines. If you are not sure if you have potentially dangerous plants in your yard and garden, please check the catalog of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) here.