What dog has the strongest bite force? | Ask Our Behaviorist

Aug 31,2021

In many places around the world, dogs are known as the number one household pet choice. However, many of us are unaware of how dangerous some dogs could be if not raised well, due to their PSI strength. Here is a list of canines with the strongest bite forces in the world.

What is PSI strength?

Before we get into the list, you will notice every dog in the list will have a PSI, but what does this mean? This is a unit made to calculate the pressure released upon any given point and it stands for “Pressure per Square Inch”. For example, an average human bite is 162 PSI and a bear's is around 1,200 Psi. So where do our dogs come in on this scale?

What dog has the strongest bite force?

11. Bulldog 

A bulldog has an approximate bite force of 305 PSI. As you may know, they are a very strong, powerful breed with a muscular build and strong necks. They do make amazing family pets but be watchful around playtime if they start to bite on hands or anything like that, because not only are their bodies strong but so are their jaws. 


10. Siberian Husky 

A Siberian husky has a bite force of 320 PSI. This is a breed loved all over the world and they are known for being annoyingly playful and energetic but in a good way! They need plenty of exercise to release their energy every day. The fact that they have a very powerful bite force isn’t a worry, however, as they aren’t known to be aggressive. 


9. Rottweiler 

The Rottweiler has a bite force of 328 PSI. They were originally bred to drive cattle to the market and to pull carts for butchers. They are also known as one of the earliest police dog breeds as they are still commonly used for today. With a job like that and the muscular build they have, it is no surprise they have as strong of a bite force as they do. 


8. Leonberger     

The leonberger has a bite force of an impressive 399 PSI. They were bred to look like lions but instead they look like big friendly bears. Although they may look very big and intimidating to some people, they make excellent family dogs. They have a sensitive, caring nature and are very gentle beings. Because of their strong bite force, you should always advise the dog with your kids at playtime as they are aggressive chewers with toys and are also big enough to knock down small children. 


7. Wolfdog 

A wolfdog has a bite force of 406 PSI. This dog is a mix of a wolf and a dog and they are quite hard to find. They may also be more dangerous of a breed to have as a pet, however they are extremely loyal. 


6. Dogo Canario

This dog has a bite force of 540 PSI and it is considered one of the world’s most deadly breeds. It is so aggressive that it is outlawed in many countries. It is known as a historical war dog and they even fought in dogfighting before it was illegal. They have a massive muscular build and large heads, so it is no surprise that it is so high in the list of dogs with the strongest bite force. This dog isn’t recommended for the average family, as it needs an alpha. If it feels it is more of an alpha than its owner, it will take the role for itself. 


5. English Mastiff

This large dog has an impressive bite force of 556 PSI. in the past they were known as very powerful and talented war dogs, however, now they are calm and gentle. They are one of the largest dogs in the whole world with a bite force strong enough to break any bone in your body. They make good family dogs who are loving and affectionate toward their family. 


4. Dogue de Bordeaux 

The Dogue de Bordeaux has a bite force of 556 PSI. They have been around since the 14th century and were used to pull carts and heavy objects. Nowadays they are loving companions for their families with a calm demeanor. They have a very powerful build with a skull claimed to be the largest in the canine world, so it is no surprise they have such a strong bite. As long as this dog doesn’t feel threatened, there will be no reason for him to bite. 


3. Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has a bite force of a massive 700 PSI. this PSI surpasses a lion (691 PSI) which is insane! This dog comes from Italy and is considered part of the mastiff family. Although they may be intimidating, these dogs are loyal and affectionate to their families. However, you probably shouldn’t have this dog if you have frequent visitors or other smaller pets in the household. 


2. American Bandogge

The Bandog has a bite strength of 730 PSI, and even one look at this dog shows it isn’t one to mess with. These dogs were developed to serve their owners as intimidating guardians. Despite their fierce visage, a properly socialized and trained bandog can make great family pets. However, to own one of these dogs you must be strong-willed and be very educated on the breed. 

1. The dog with the strongest bite, The Kangal.

This dog has an outstanding bite force of 743 PSI. Not only do they have the strongest bite force in the world of canines, but they are also known as the strongest dog in the world. They come from Turkey and they have been used as guard dogs and protecting flocks of animals from predators such as wolves and bears. You may think because of the titles they have they would be quite dangerous dogs, but they are very loyal and gentle with children. They may not be the best when it comes to strangers due to their protective instincts, but if they are socialized and trained well from a young age, they can make excellent family dogs.