Top Service / Therapy Dog Name Ideas

Feb 17,2022

Therapy dogs are employed to help patients and people in care facilities worldwide cope with pain, stress, and depression. Service dogs help the visually, mentality, and mobility impaired the blind, the mobility impaired with their challenges during the day. These dogs show their nobility, love, and kindness and we usually don’t stop to take a moment and appreciate their names. If you are planning on acquiring a puppy and making it a service dog or a therapy dog for yourself or your family there is an important decision ahead of you — naming the pup.

The act of giving a name has a special value in human society as it shapes how a person is connected to others and the way a person grows as an individual. Bestowing a name to a new family pet is also important because you are introducing a new family companion that you will be caring for many years to come. Naming your future therapy dog or service dog is something that you should take seriously and you may need some time with your dog instead of throwing out a name on the spot. It is a good idea to have a few weeks with your pup so you have a feel about their personality. We want to recommend a few unique names for your puppy that will be expected to provide therapy work or service work.

Our top names include:

Aegis — means shield or armor and has roots in classical European art and mythology.

Berwin — it is a word that comes from the Welsh language, meaning “blessing”.

Eos – this is the name of a Greek Goddess of Dawn.

Imanu — the word comes from Africa where the native peoples use it to refer to a “spiritual guide”.

Nimbus — used to describe a holy halo surrounding spirits.

Jesse — comes from Hebrew and it means “gift”.

If the new puppy you have is meant to be significant emotional support for you there are two names that mean “hope” and are wonderful to gift your dog — Kibou (Japanese) and Makas (Hebrew).

Dog owners that are looking for distinctive names for their male dogs should check our list below:

Aart — comes from Dutch and means “powerful as an eagle”.

Aikin — comes from Old English and means “like an oak tree”.

Gusto — comes from Italian and describes one enjoying themselves heartily, sincerely.

Kai — a Hawaiian word for “brave and strong”.

Kieran — a Gaelic word that serves to describe a small creature colored in black.

Liam — comes from Irish and means “strong-willed warrior”.

Lufu — a word from Old English that means “affection” and “friendliness”.

Ravi — refers to the sun in Budhism.

Shine — used to describe someone of glowing character, beaming with energy.

Spirit — used to describe the incorporeal and eternal essence of something.

Valerian – the name of an herb known for its soothing effects.

Zephyr — refers to a gentle wind and is derived from the Greek god Zephyros that governs the west wind.

Dog owners who have a female puppy at home that is in need of a special name should check our list below:

Bree — comes from Irish and means “strong” and “firm”.

Danica — comes from Serbo-Croatian and means “dawning star”.

Hazel – used to refer to brown and green hues.

Isa — comes from Arabic and means “strong-willed”.

Kaya — used by the Hopi people to refer to “elder sister” and “wise child”.

Liebe — comes from German and means “love”.

Nadia — comes from Russian and means “hope”.

Nura — comes from Arabic and means “blazing light”.

Sage — comes from Old French and means “wise and knowing”, “prudent”.

Saffron – a spice and a name for golden-brown color.

Selena — a Greek Moon Goddess.

Veda — comes from Sanskrit and means “wise”.

Xenia — comes from Greek and means “love”.

Choosing the right name for your puppy should be a little easier with our suggestions, I hope.