Top 10 Dog Breeds to Cuddle

Jan 31,2022

What are the most important traits that we usually look for in a dog prior to choosing one? They should be friendly, intelligent, easy-going, obedient, balanced, get along with people and other animals. Each of us is likely to imagine how the perfect dog would behave and how we would spend our time together. One word usually comes to mind, when we are thinking about the perfect dog- “cuddle”. Affectionate and calm dogs, who adore cuddling with their owner and other family members are a dream of most owners.

When you cuddle with your paw friend, a hormone called Oxytocin, known as the „love hormone”, is being produced in both bodies. This hormone is associated with developing trust and a strong bond. Since cuddling seems to have indisputable benefits for the emotional state of both an owner and a dog, we would like to take a closer look at breeds considered “cuddly”. If you are in search of a cuddly paw friend, you may want to keep reading.

Today will not continue the tradition to rank the lovely representatives of the Retriever group the first place and will start with an adorable small breed.


These little cute dogs originate in China and later became a mascot of the House of Orange- a reigning house of the Netherlands. These doggies are affectionate and attached to their family. Due to the strong bond they develop with their owner, they are likely to not respect the term a “personal space” and follow their beloved human everywhere. Sometimes these cuties can be a bit stubborn, but we can say that they love pleasing their owner. They can become wonderful lap dogs and provide a great tactile stimulation, or Deep Pressure Therapy, which is a great news for those who are looking for a Psychiatric Service Dog. If you decide to make a representative of this breed your new family member, you should remember to keep track of your paw friend’s diet. Also, you should consider the shedding level of this breed. Most Pugs are double-coated and thus have higher levels of shedding compared to other dog breeds. The black-colored representatives of the breed are usually single-coated and are likely to shed less. If you are allergic to dog fur, you may consider getting a black-colored Pug. Pugs are very friendly and are likely to behave properly around new people. They are adaptive and can be trained various tasks. Along with their compact size and lovely personality, you will be happy to know, that they do not bark a lot. Hence, if you live in a small apartment, this breed will suit your lifestyle very well.


Who does not love these giant teddy bears, that are perfect to cuddle? The impressive size of these dogs is opposed to their affectionate and loving personality. The Newfoundlands are known for their affectionate nature and ability to get along with adults, children and animals. These dogs can become both great family pets and service dogs. If you want to train your fluffy paw friend, you may need to start doing it at a young age and keep practicing throughout their life. They respond to commands very well when trained properly. These cuddly fluffy bears can be playful, but are not overly energetic. They are open to new people, but can be very protective of their owner, if they sense any danger. Hence, if you choose a representative of this breed, you will be able to rely on a loyal cuddly friend and a great watchdog at the same time. These canines are moderate shedders and drool occasionally. They are deemed quiet dogs, but are likely to bark when they want to be fed, petted or during walks. Their bark is loud, deep and easy to distinguish. Remember to take care of your paw friend’s health and provide them with regular walks so that they do not become couch potatoes.

Alaskan Klee Kai

These gorgeous dogs are a spitz-type breed, that was bred as companion dogs in 20th century. The breed representatives come in three size variations- standard, toy and miniature, and can reach up to 22 pounds, based on the size. These fluffy and lovely doggies love cuddling with their owner in the bed or on the couch. They develop a strong bond with their owner and other family members which makes them prone to separation anxiety if left at home for a longer period of time. In order to interfere with this behavior, you can start training your new pup at a young age. These cute doggies suite apartment living due to their compact size. They can be a perfect alternative for those of you who are looking for a Siberian Husky or a Alaskan Husky, but can not secure them a large space to live. These cute cuddlers are not considered excessive barkers, but are likely to use vocalization when they want to communicate with their owner. Do not be surprised if your doggy uses different sounds to show you that he/she wants treats or attention. Alaskan Klee Kais can shed a lot and you may need to consider it if you are allergic to dog fur. Also, it is recommended that you socialize your pup at a young age, as these canines can get nervous around strangers.

Bichon Frise

A bichon is a type of toy dog, bred as a companion dog, that became very popular in 14th century when royalty started keeping the breed representatives as pets. The “Bichon” breed type is originally Spanish and it was primary used as sailing dogs. However, the breed representatives were turned by French into lap dogs. Today the breed is beloved by many owners due to its lovely and cuddly personality. These fluffy canines with gorgeous white coat are very affectionate to their family and love being around their owner. They can even develop separation anxiety if they do not receive the desired attention by their beloved human. The Bichon Frise does not shed a lot and id considered a hypoallergenic breed. However, these canines need regular grooming- full brush 2-3 times per week and bathing at least once every 1-2 weeks. It is recommended that the coat of your paw friend is slightly wet prior to brushing. These doggies are playful and gentle and are not considered barkers. You will enjoy wonderful time cuddling with your fluffy paw friend and will be able to train them different tricks, as they are also intelligent and obedient.

Golden Retriever

If you have been reading our articles for a while, you may already know, that the representatives of the Retriever group are among our favorite dogs. There are plenty reasons for that. These dogs are highly trainable and intelligent, develop a strong bond with their owner and get along with adults, children and animals. They are eager to please their owner and enjoy cuddling. Due to their friendly personality and intelligence, these dogs are one of the most popular breeds used as service dogs. You should keep in mind that the Golden Retrievers are highly energetic and you will need to provide them with exercises and regular walks. We do not recommend that you raise e representative of this breed in a small apartment. If you can not provide them with enough space at home, please ensure that your daily walks are long enough, so that your furry friend can play and explore. These dogs are easy to maintain but you still will need to brush them once a week and bathe them once a week or no longer than every 6 weeks.

Brussels Griffon

Big personality comes in a small package! This toy breed originates in Brussels, Belgium, as its name indicates. The Brussels Griffons are friendly, affectionate, intelligent, enjoy spending time with their beloved human and cuddling with them. You may need to keep in mind that these doggies are sensitive and are not the best option for small children. If you have kids, you should supervise any interactions between them and your paw friend. These tiny doggies can be very vocal and you may need to teach them how to properly use their vocal abilities. If you are into this breed, which stands out with a colorful personality, you will be happy to know that it sheds remarkable low and is considered hypoallergenic. Despite their small size, these canines have a lot of energy and will enjoy long walks or a backyard to explore. However, you should keep in mind that the Brussels Griffon is not a backyard dog, due to the vulnerability of its representatives to heat stroke and cold. So, if you live in a house, it is recommended that you keep your little paw friend inside and enjoy having lovely cuddling moments with them on the couch.


Boxers have the tendency to stand on their hind legs and make movements with their front paws resembling boxing movements. It is considered that the breed name is connected with these specific movements. The breed representatives are very affectionate and develop a strong bond with their owner. You can expect your paw friend to follow you, try to jump on you and seek your attention. These energetic doggies get along with kids, hence they can become great family dogs and lovely playmates for your children. However, when it comes to other dogs of the same sex, you need to be careful and keep in mind that Boxers can run into difficulties if not properly socialized. That is why it is important for you to socialize your paw friend at a young age if you want to avoid any issues with adult male dogs in the future. Boxers have a short single coat and do shed throughout the year. They are rather moderate shedders and you can keep their coat neat by brushing it on a weekly basis. If this breed took your heart away, you should be prepared to invest time in properly exercising your paw friend and provide them with both physical and mental stimulation. Boxers have the tendency to get overly excited and you will need to manage their behavior at a young age. Also, never forget that Boxers are cuddlers and attention seekers, so you may need to train them properly if you do not want your adult paw friend, whose weight may reach up to 32kg/71lbs in males and 29kg/64lbs in females, to jump on you.

Jack Russel Terrier

These small muscular doggies originate in England where they were bred to hunt foxes. They are affectionate, loving, friendly and strongly attached to their family. These dogs provide great companionship and will genuinely enjoy cuddling with you.  However, an important thing you should keep in mind is that these canines do not get along with very young children, who do not know how to handle them. We would recommend that you socialize your paw friend at a young age and explain your children how to behave properly around them. That way you will ensure that there is a strong bond between your canine and your kids and you will not have to worry about their interactions in the future. The same advice is valid for interactions between a Jack Russel Terrier and other dogs- proper socialization is essential for future interactions. These cute cuddlers tend to shed and you will need to invest time brushing them regularly. Through brushing you will carry oil over the body, which will help the coat stay neat and shedding will decrease. Jack Russel Terriers are playful doggies and are likely to get frustrated if you do not secure them enough time to play and exercise. However, they are very adaptive and can get used to different living environments.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This small breed is known for its lovely and affectionate representatives with heart melting appearance and personality. These canines are very gentle, attached to their owner and eager to please them. They are really cuddly and provide a great companionship. You should supervise your lovely paw friend when they are around passerby, as these doggies can be overly social. If you feel lonely or you are looking for a Psychiatric Service Dog to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, this breed can be a really good choice. It is not only very gentle and easy-going, but also highly trainable. These little cuties do not shed a lot- they are considered moderate shedders and regular brushing will keep their silky coat maintained. If you live in a small apartment, you will be relieved to know that these canines suit apartment living and are not considered barkers. You and your neighbors will be able to enjoy quiet evenings at home. However, you should remember to go for regular walks with your cuddling paw friend so that they can stay fit.

Great Dane

We all know that the first impression sometimes lies...This statement is especially valid for the representatives of this breed, whose size is impressive- 71–81 cm in height for females, 76–86 cm in height for males, 45–59 kg in weight for females, 54–90 kg in weight for males. These dogs are loving, devoted to their family, patient and attached to their owners. They can become great family dogs, as they get along with both adults and children. They are calm, friendly and sensitive. However, they can be bossy sometimes if not trained properly. These canines are known as gentle giants who get along with other animals. Some representatives of the breed may show signs of aggression towards male dogs of the same sex, but this is rather non-typical for the breed. The Great Danes do shed, but fortunately their coat is easy to maintain. These giant cuddles are moderately energetic- they enjoy both their playtime and their nap time afterwards. You can be confident that your paw friend will protect you, as these canines become great watch and guard dogs as well. You should keep in mind that the breed representatives are prone to barking (although they are not known as excessive barkers) and you should not let your paw friend develop barking as a habit. If you choose to raise a dog of this breed, you will receive a loyal friend, who will love to cuddle with you and will be eager to please you. Although these canines can be stubborn sometimes, they are easy to train.