Long-Haired Cat Breeds

Jun 24,2022

A big fluffy ball of fur, attached to you, gently cuddling in your feet and arms, sitting on your lap and loving being around you...Yes, we all want our feline friends to be like that. When talking about the ideal cat, many of us imagine a long-haired, fluffy and giggly cute kitty. Long-haired cats have a gorgeous, almost noble appearance that make us love and admire them.

If you are looking for a long-haired kitty or just love these fluffy creatures and want to know more about them, you are in the right place.

Please keep in mind that cats and dogs have their own personalities and should be evaluated as individuals.

Maine Coon

The Main Coon is among the largest domesticated cats in the world and the largest cat breed in North America. The origin of the breed can be tracked down to Maine, the United States, where the breed is recognized as the official cat of the state. The male representatives of the Main Coon may reach up to 19 lbs / 9kg in weight or even more. These gorgeous cats may need 3 to 5 years to reach their full size. Their body is muscular and broad-chested, their coat is uneven and two-layered, it is longer on the stomach area and on the upper hind legs, and shorter on the shoulders, their tail is super fluffy. There is a lot of fur on the paws especially helpful for these gorgeous cats during cold winters. The Main Coon comes in different color variations- many representatives have a brown tabby pattern, but there are also plenty cats of that breed with solid coat colors such as white, red, black. Two-colored variations like white and red, white and blue are common as well. These gentle giants, as they are often called, have a friendly personality and love to cuddle. However, they are not known as lap cats, but they will enjoy receiving your attention. As these cats were bred to hunt rodents, the breed representatives have retained their hunting instincts and skills as good mousers. Hence, you may need to buy your fluffy paw friend a chasing toy, that will keep him/her busy. The Main Coon is an intelligent breed, that can be trained in different tricks. These kitties love playing games that will stimulate them mentally. Although they are very fluffy, their coat is not difficult to maintain. You will need a comb (made of stainless steel) and a grooming rake, which is a grooming tool that removes dead undercoat. Brushing once or twice a week should be able to keep your gorgeous paw friend’s coat neat. The average lifespan of these lovely cats is 13-14 years.

Turkish Angora

This breed is known as the oldest long-haired cat breed in Europe and as the name indicates it originates in Turkey, Ankara in particular. An interesting physical feature of these mesmerizing cats is their predisposition to heterochromia- eyes have different colors in the same individual, in this case- in the same cat. Although white is the most common color of these cats’ coat, there can be also other color variations like colored tabby patterns, black, cream and red. The female representatives of this amazing breed can reach up to 5-8 lbs / 2.5-4kg in weight, while the male representatives can reach up to 7-10 lbs / 3.5-5 kg. The lifespan of the breed is about 12-18 years. These gorgeous kitties are known for their friendly personality and good manners when being around other animals, children and unfamiliar people. In general, we can say that these kitties are very social. They are also intelligent and highly energetic, so you will need to provide them with interactive games in order to keep them physically fit. Otherwise, these fluffy balls may develop bad habits and once they have something in mind, you may find it difficult to prevent them from excibiting this behavior. Other features of these gorgeous creatures are their agility and interest in their owner’s daily activities.


This cat breed is one of the oldest and most popular breeds in the world, especially in North America. The first representatives of the Persian Longhair, as this breed is known as well, might have been imported to Italy from Persia in the 17th century. These kitties became popular among English and American breeders in the middle of the 20th century. There are two types of the Persian- traditional (the so-called Doll Face) and a show type. The “show quality” Persians have very flat noses, round heads surrounded by ruff, small ears, and rounded copper-colored eyes. Due to their flat noses, breathing problems are likely to occur. Compared to the show type, the traditional type does not have so strongly expressed features and its representatives have longer noses. However, the long amazing coat, that can come in different colors like black, gray, red, cream, white, brown, bronze, chocolate, cinnamon, lilac,...etc., is typical for both variants. The breed representatives can reach up to 7-12 lbs / 3-5 in weight and 10-15 inch / 25-38 cm in height. These cats with an amazing coat do not like noisy environments and are rather calm and quiet. They are likely to pay attention to family members only and people who they think they can trust. If you have children, you should pay attention to how they interact with your Persian, as these cats do not like rough handling. Unlike other long-haired cat breeds, these kitties require high maintenance when it comes to their coat. You will need to brush them daily so that their coat stays neat. Also, you may need to bathe them- once or twice a month, and it is recommended that you train your kitty from a young age to remain calm when bathed.


These cats with a gorgeous appearance are not a natural breed, but an artificially created mix breed from the Persian and the Siamese. The main idea of this crossbreeding was the development of a Persian with the colorpoint gene and blue eyes of the Siamese. If you are not familiar with the term “point coloration”- in animals this is a type of coloration characterized with a pale body and darker-colored limbs and face. Point coloration is typical for the Siamese. Similar to the Persians these kitties, also called Himmies, come in a show type and in a traditional type. You may have already guessed what the differences between both types are- the show type has a flatter face, that may lead to breathing problems. Other names that the breed representatives may be referred to are Colorpoint Persians and Himalayan Persians. The breed representatives may reach up to 7-12 lbs / 3-5 kg in weight and 10-12 inch / 25-30 cm in height. The lifespan of these furry cute creatures is about 9-15 years. You may wonder what personality these kitties have. It is similar to the Persians- calm, quiet, and sweet, but they are more playful than their Persian parents. These kitties, as well as the Persians, are not likely to be interested in jumping on counter tops or curtains. Due to their calm temperament and moderate energy levels, the Himalyans, are more likely to enjoy places easier to access. Another similarity to the Persians is the coat maintenance- you will have to invest time in regular brushing the gorgeous coat of your Himalayan. Also, you will have to bathe your fluffy friend from time to time.

American Curl

Here is the story of this lovely breed with distinctive ears- The year is 1981, the place is Lakewood, California. There was a lovely long-haired cat, colored in black. It was adopted by Grace and Joe Ruga and called Shulamith. After several months Shulamith gave birth to kittens with characteristic curled ears, as the breed's name indicates. A few years later- in 1983, when selective breeding began, it was announced that the gene related to the curled form of the ears was autosomal. This means that if a cat has even one gene’s copy, he/she will inherit that feature and, in this case, - curly ears. The male breed representatives reach up to 8-12 lbs / 4- 5 kg in weight, the female representatives are smaller and their average weight is 8 lbs / 4 kg or less. The average lifespan of the breed is about 9-13 years. The cats have gorgeous eyes, that come in many color variations (just like their coat): orange, gold, yellow, aqua, blue, amber, copper...etc. The coat is available in: black, white, red, blue, chocolate, lilac, golden, silver, brown, silver...etc. There can be patterns in solid colors or two-colored, as well as smoke, points and shade. The lovely silky hair of this gorgeous breed requires brushing once or twice or week. We would say that it requires moderate maintenance. These fluffy kitties are considered affectionate, and playful, but without being too clingy. They are intelligent, and have a moderate energy level. Also, the breed is considered suitable for families with other pets or children.


The Ragdoll is a new breed, developed in 1963, in California, where Ann Baker bred a domestic white-colored cat Josephine. It is assumed that Josephine, whose parentage was unknown, had genes (probably recessive) related to her coloration (seal mitted or black tuxedo pattern) that were transferred to her offspring. Ann Baker wanted to develop a breed with a lovely, calm and affectionate personality

and she did it! These fluffy cats are even-tempered, really sweet and lovely and can become great lap cats. They are also intelligent, adaptive and very patient. Their gorgeous coat is available in many variations such as sealpoint (the most popular color) and white; blue point and white; chocolate point, flame/red point, cream point, lilac point...etc. You will not have difficulties to brush your paw friend’s coat, however, you should invest some time and take care of it at least once or twice a week to remove tangles and mats. Due to their social and lovely nature, these kitties can become great Emotional Support Cats and provide you with comfort and companionship. You, on the other hand, should also provide them with attention. We could not say that they are very clingy, but you will need to show your interest and affection to them as well. They are moderate energetic and playful. The male representatives of the breed can reach up to 12-20 lbs / 5.4-9.1 kg, the female representatives can reach up to 8-15 lbs / 3.6-6.8 kg. Their average lifespan is 15 years and more. Some individuals can reach up to 20 years.

Norwegian Forest Cat

These amazing cats originate in Norway, as their name implies. The breed is very old and can be traced back to 4000 years ago. It stands out with a gorgeous, and tick fur, that has extra layers for protection from the cold weather in the Scandinavian woods. An interesting fact about the coat of these amazing creatures is that it is water-resistant. The breed was recognized in the 1938 in Oslo. Due to the World War II it could not be developed further until the late 20th century. Today these beautiful cats wear the title “Official cats of Norway”. You will be surprised to know that the fur of these cats does not require much grooming. The coat comes in different coloration such as black, white, cream, blue, silver, golden. It can be bi-colored, with tabby patterns and tortoiseshell as well. The appearance of the Norwegian Forest Cat is similar to the appearance of the Maine Coon. However, the Main Coons are bigger and have rounded eyes, compared to the almond-shaped eyes of their counterparts. The male representatives of the breed can reach up to 12-20 lbs / 5-9 kg in weight, the female representatives can reach up to 8-18 lbs / 4-8 kg. The average lifespan of these kitties is 12-20 years. We move to the interesting part- the personality of these cute balls of fur. They are affectionate, intelligent, playful, but they are not clingy. However, they are considered “human-oriented”, but they will enjoy their own time and privacy as well. Although they do not seek for constant attention, we would not recommend that you leave your cat home alone for a long time. They are deemed generally good with both animals and children.


Another beautiful long-haired breed is the Birman, also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma". The breed representatives have a silky color-pointed coat, similar to the Siamese, blue eyes, rounded head and lovely coloration on the paws that makes them look like they are wearing gloves. It is assumed that the origin of these lovely cats can be traced back to Burma in the Mount of Lugh, where they provided companionship to temple priests. The name of the breed originates from the French form of Burma- Birmanie. The breed was recognized in France in 1925. Luckily for those of you who are interested in these gorgeous cats, their coat does not require high maintenance. However, it is still recommended that you comb your paw friend once or twice a week. Nail trimming every week or two is recommended as well. Typical for color point kitties is that they are born white. As the cat matures, his/her coat changes its color (this is due to the warmth of the womb and after their birth the cooler areas get darker, while the warmer areas retain their light color). The coat of the Birman comes in many variations such as seal, chocolate, cream, blue, tortie, red..etc. The representatives of the breed can reach up to 15-18 inch / 38-46 cm in height and 4-7 kg / 9-15 lbs in weight. The lifespan of the breed is approximately 12-16 years. When it comes to their personality, these cats are really friendly and adaptive. They can get along with other pets and children and can become great companions. These kitties are very affectionate and you should not be surprised if your furry friend often approaches your dog to cuddle with him/her as well. Social and human-oriented these feline friends love being petted. The kitties are such sweethearts, aren’t they? However, it is not recommended that you leave them home alone for too long, as they may get lonely and bored.

Domestic Long Hair

This breed is not a recognized breed, as it is of a mixed ancestry. The Domestic Long Hair should not get confused with the American or British Longhair (both are standardized breeds). The breed is so popular in the US, that it is thought that one in ten cats is of the Domestic Long Hair breed. Although the term “breed” may not be very accurate in this case we will keep using it when talking about these lovely cats. They are also called in British English a long-haired moggie. These lovely cats originate in Western Asia and were important in Europe in the 16th century. It is assumed that these cats carry the long-hair gene that is responsible for the long coat of the kittens, that they may develop when mature. The breed representatives can reach up to 8-15 lbs / 4-7 kg in weight and 8-10 inch / 10-25 cm in height. The average lifespan is around 12-18 years. These lovely cats are prone to tangles and mats and you may need to brush them on a daily basis. It is not recommended that you try to cut the mats, as you can injure the skin. Due to their mixed background, these kitties can perform various types of behavior and can have different temperaments. However, there are not so difficult to understand and they are likely to get attached to their favorite person. They could be open towards unknown people as well.  


It is thought that the breed originates in Somalia, and is the long-haired variety of the Abyssinian cat, which originates in Ethiopia. The Russian Blues, Siamese and Burmese are considered related breeds to the Somali, participating in the breed background. There are four colors of the coat recognized by the CFA- fawn, red, blue and ruddy. The color of the coat on the backside and the tail beautifully contrasts with the lighter colors on the undersides. The coat of the breed representatives is soft and fine and you will need to comb it at least once a week to remove mats. Also, you may need to trim their nails on a weekly basis and brush their teeth, as they may be prone to periodontal disease. These cats are intelligent, highly adaptable, affectionate, energetic and playful. In order to help them spend the excessive amount of energy, and stimulate them mentally, you will need to engage in regular play sessions with your furry friend. The Somali is a social breed that enjoys being around people and interacting with them. Due to their friendly personality, they get along with children and are a great choice for families. When talking about personality, we would say that these kitties are affectionate and attach to their beloved human. The Somali cats are also playful, active and energetic, so you may need to consider spending playtime with your cute paw friend on a regular basis. Since they have a friendly personality, they get along with children, and can become great family pets. The male representatives of the Somali can reach up to 8-12lbs / 4-5 kg in weight and 7-11 inch / 18-28 cm in height. The average lifespan of the breed is 9-13 years.