Goldendoodle Breed Overview | Temperament, Training & Care Tips

Apr 29,2021

Everyone loves the beautiful Goldendoodle! Here is everything you need to know about this wonderful breed from their history to grooming!


This wonderful breed was first created in 1969 as a solution for dog lovers with allergies. They are known as a hypoallergenic breed because they shed so little, which was the goal. They were also commonly guided dogs at the time. The reason people loved it so much was because of its non-shedding coat from the poodle, and the temperament of the beloved Golden Retriever. 

Since then, they have become an extremely popular and desired breed as they are used as pets, guide dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs. 


The Goldendoodle can be a variety of different colors, including gold, red, cream, black, brown, white, gray or even a combination. They have an average height of 13-26 inches and a weight of approximately 45-100 pounds. They can be quite small however and weigh from 15-30 pounds. They are part of the hybrid dog breed group and they have a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years. 

There is no standard look of this breed, some look more like poodles and some look more like labradors. Their fur can be smooth or wavy and is medium-long in length. 

Temperament and Personality

These are highly affectionate dogs that will do anything to please their owners. They make incredible family dogs as they are friendly with everyone and are great with kids. You should never leave a small child unsupervised when with a dog this size however to avoid injury. 

A Goldendoodle will also get on excellent with other dogs or pets in the household. Since the Golden Retriever is a working dog, they absolutely love having a job to do. Golden Retrievers and Poodles are extremely intelligent dogs, so both put together to make a genius! Because of this, they are used a lot as Service Dogs. 


Like all dogs, you need to socialize your Goldendoodle from a young age to prevent behavioral problems in future. They also require a moderate amount of exercise daily to help with behavior and energy levels. Keeping your Goldendoodle active will also help them remain mentally and physically healthy. 

Training a Goldendoodle

Most Goldendoodles are very easy to train due to their intelligence. They work best with positive reinforcement and positive energy when training. Make it like a game and they will be more eager! 

From a young age you should socialize your pup, crate trains your pup, and be trained to get used to being alone to avoid any separation anxiety. 

In general, they are excellent dogs to train that does amazing with basic training or even being trained to do more specific tasks, like Service Dog work

Do Goldendoodles make good Service Dogs?

Absolutely! This breed has such a sheer desire to please or help its owners, which is a perfect trait for a Service Dog to have. They have all of the suitable personality traits and temperaments for Service Dog work. 

They are suitable for pretty much every Service Dog job, considering size, weight, temperament, and the fact they are hypoallergenic. Therefore, they can be trained to do pretty much anything. This could be retrieving an item such as medication or a phone in an emergency situation, alerting diabetics of low/high blood sugar, helping people with mobility issues, etc. 

Caring For a Goldendoodle

Grooming: even though this breed doesn't shed much, they still need brushing regularly as this will remove dead hair and prevent any matting. They should be bathed as needed and have occasional trims, especially around the eyes. 

Feeding: Because they are quite active, they need a high-quality diet. A high-protein dry kibble will do the trick! 

Goldendoodle Health Issues

If bred properly, the Goldendoodle generally has excellent health, but they may inherit illnesses prone to either Poodles or Golden Retrievers.

These illnesses include hip dysplasia, eye disorders, and ear infections. therefore, it is very important to have regular vet checkups to prevent any pain, discomfort, or issues in general with this beautiful puppy.