Do Dogs Remember Their Parents?

Dec 19,2020

A lot of dog owners have the same question: Do dogs actually remember their parents? The answer is No. You may be wondering why?

Most puppies have never had the opportunity to meet their birth father. When they are born, they are usually raised by their birth mother until they are 8 to10 weeks old. Then they are introduced to a new family (a human family).

Smell, (or “olfaction”) in dogs (as in the rest of the animal world) plays a major role in how they recognize others. When puppies are with their birth mother, they are still very young and their olfactory function is not yet fully developed. Also, they usually stay with their mother for a short time. So once they have left their mother and and grown up in other surroundings, they will gradually forget the smell of their birth mother. A few months after the puppies were separated from their birth mother, they can no longer remember them.

A dog has an average of only 10 to 15 years to live. When you adopt a puppy, it means that you will be the closest person in their life. They will remember your smell, and see you as their only parent. So be kind to them because you are everything to them. If you’ve had a dog for more than 6 months and for whatever reason you want to give it away, please remember that you are the only person they want to be with. A dog might destroy your shoes, but they will never break your heart! So when you decide to have a dog, it’s a life decision. You dog is your child, your life partner, they are for life, not just for Christmas!