Can Dogs Eat Bread? | Ask Our Expert

Jul 22,2021

Bread is a popular food in most family households, and I've seen a lot of dogs get their fair share of crusts and the rest of their owners' sandwiches. But is this safe for dogs to eat? 

Is bread safe for dogs to eat? 

Generally, the answer is yes and no. It depends on what bread you are feeding them and how much you are giving. It is safe to eat if you are offering only plain white bread or wheat bread. There are a few ingredients you should look out for if you are planning on giving your dog bread. Avoid giving your dog bread that contains any nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, garlic, onion, or xylitol. All of these ingredients are toxic for dogs and can cause different health conditions if consumed. 


Is bread good for dogs?

No, bread is not good for dogs. It provides no nutritional benefits as it doesn’t contain any nutrients that your dog doesn’t already get from its own food. Giving your dog too much bread can also cause them to gain weight as it is full of carbohydrates. Some dogs are allergic to wheat, so be sure to know your dog's allergies before giving them bread. 

What happens if your dog eats bread dough?

If you like to make bread from scratch, be sure to keep the dough away from your dog! As you may know, in order for bread dough to rise, it must be in a warm, moist, and draft-free environment. Can you think of a place (other than your oven) that would fit these conditions? Well...your dog’s stomach! 

If your pup gets some bread dough in his tummy, this could lead to stomach bloat. But that isn’t the only danger, unfortunately. The main risk is the release of ethanol from the yeast. If ethanol becomes absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream, they are at a high risk of alcohol poisoning. 


Here are symptoms to look out for. They usually occur 30 minutes-2 hours after bread dough is ingested.

• Vomiting or retching

• Elevated heart rate

• Seizures

• Depression

• Hypothermia

• Weakness

• Coma

• Low blood pressure

If you suspect your dog has eaten any bread dough and/or you see any of these symptoms, take your dog straight to the vet as this is an emergency situation. 

So, should you feed your dog bread?

Feeding your dog bread has no health benefits and it can actually be quite dangerous for them. However, if your dog enjoys the crust of your bread as a treat sometimes, that is acceptable. But we recommend that your dog eating bread should not be a regular thing. There are many healthier alternatives you can use as a treat for your dog in which humans eat too, such as some yummy strawberries. 

Bread adds calories to your dog’s diet, just like any food you give them. So keep this in mind if your dog is overweight or if you are trying to keep your dog in a healthy lifestyle.